Helping Boxers Who Fall on Hard Financial Times



Across the UK there are thousands of boxers who have fallen into financial trouble. You can’t expect all fighters to have a head for numbers like me (BSC Honors in Mathematics). That’s why I’m launching an exciting new project which will be unveiled by Summer this year.

If you are helpless and need help to solve your bad credit, you might have already looked around. There are loads of scams online promising to get rid of your bad debt, but instead of doing that, they will further damage your credit rating. You are looking for a solution that is going to get you fast results, will not cost you an arm and a leg, and will use proven methods

The first agency you would be looking at is the Citizens Advice Bureau. They are a busy charity, and with the increasing number of people looking for free bad debt help, it might be hard to get an appointment. You will also have to book an initial review before you can get to see a trained and experienced debt advisor to help you get rid of your bad credit.

You have to know that there are plenty of ways to get rid of bad debt. Some of them are going to tie you to an agreement for at least five years, like an IVA.

In some cases there is no other solution but this one or bankruptcy. Depending on your personal circumstances an experienced debt advisor will be able to find the most suitable options for you.

You can also get in touch with the National Debt Helpline. They are the most reputable charity when it comes to bad debt. They are able to evaluate your situation on the phone and give you some useful free advice. They will not do the work for you or fill out your application form.

If you have been struggling with bad debt for a while, it is just about time to do something about it. The above free charities are able to help you with taking out consolidation loans, arranging IVAs and bankruptcy. You will also be explained the consequences of each solution.

If you find that going through a free charity to solve your bad credit debt is taking too long, you can also contact some companies for a free evaluation. You can fill out the free debt test to see what are the solutions available for you to consolidate your finances and eliminate bad debt. 

Recently I spoke to my former sparring partner and now business owner, Michael Hass of No Hassle Mobile Phones (a firm you will hear me talking a lot more about soon) who told me that former boxers should not get too concerned with their ‘credit score’ or just assuming they have bad credit.

In the UK there are three main credit reference agencies and they all offer you a credit score – based on different metrics. Yet it’s just a loose view of what a typical lender may think and not a true score or indication of acceptance.

In reality, every lender scores you differently based on their own definition of what is a profitable customer. The only use for Credit files is to check and make sure they are correct before any big application.

Michael Hass


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